Mômerade is a Paris-based film company founded by Lucie Kalmar, producer and consultant, in 2005.

We care for cinematic works, long and short, meant for festivals and theatres, galleries or the world wide web. We dedicate ourselves to the films we love and help them be financed, shot, edited, heard, sold, shown and seen (not necessarily in this order).

After first experiences at UGC International and the Toronto International Film Festival, Lucie Kalmar worked at Wild Bunch for seven years until 2009. She coordinated acquisitions and was in charge of festivals and markets, working closely with programmers from major film festivals, producers and filmmakers on over 200 films.

In 2005, she created MÔMERADE, a film company based in Paris. She produced short films and offers consulting services to producers, coproduction events and markets. She was an advisor at DOX:LAB.

From 2009 at the very beginning of the project, she collaborated with Festival Scope, working at creating partnerships between festivals, coproduction markets and other organisations with the B to B platform.

She is currently producing REY by Niles Atallah. Niles and Lucie attended the Binger FilmLab as a team from September 2011 to January 2012. Lucie is an EAVE Puentes graduate.